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Skincraft updated for Minecraft 1.8

3/6/14 by Afro-Ninja

You minecraft players out there might have heard that the game is updating to 1.8 soon, which offers support for a new skin file format. You can now create separate arms/legs, and make use of 'hat' layers on top of all surfaces! (not just the head)

We updated skincraft to handle the format. Old skins are still backwards compatible, so don't worry. We also fixed a few bugs and added a couple extra features- such as being able to see the inside surfaces of the model and pulling a skin file directly from a username.



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I made you a grilled cheese sandwich.



Awesome! now i can make my char look more cooler!

Well, great! I love using Skincraft more than any other thing, so thanks for the update!

Thanks for the answer! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't stupid and missing some obvious button or option.

Awesome update, can't wait to try it out (again) :)

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How do you turn one of the pre made textures into a jacket?

3/6/14 Afro-Ninja responds:

Unfortunately that is not supported right now, because the original pieces were never made to fit in other layers. We may be able to get this in for a future update.