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Afro-Ninja's News

Posted by Afro-Ninja - October 1st, 2009

Yeesh, about time I get that stupid sailor moon thing off my home page. Anyway...

You probably heard this last weekend was the Colorado Meetup/Denver Beerfest. It was a great time as usual, and I just put up an article on my site about it tonight:

also don't forget to check luis' page, with more pictures:
http://www.brainwashstudios.com/ng-den ver-meet-2009-main.html

I finally updated the history section on my site for the year 2008, for everyone that doesn't really care:
http://afro-ninja.com/channels/history .php?year=2008

Power of 3 with ego and kelwynshade is still shaping up pretty nice, but is on hold for the moment because I've got a big move coming up ahead of me. More on that later.

Last week I wrapped up shooting and editing a music video project. This was something entirely for fun, and not really related to any of my other projects. It's ready to release but we're debuting it at get together here in town so I wont put it online until after that. Look for it in another week or so.


Denver and other news

Posted by Afro-Ninja - June 22nd, 2009

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There are a lot of arachnids out there that are poisonous. Not just spiders but scorpions too.

Posted by Afro-Ninja - June 5th, 2009

Escape 4 hits the portal today-

And with that I can now turn the page on a long-delayed chapter of my flash work. The game is out, the video is out, the site has been redesigned, and Territory WAR Online is still going strong. Now I have the entire summer ahead of me to devote to Power of 3.

As you may have noticed I teamed up with Egoraptor and Kelwynshade, and we have some pretty cool ideas lined up. But who doesn't, right? I don't think I can say much more than that right now, but keep an eye out for progress updates later on.

And don't forget to make it out to the Philly Wizard Con on June 20, where you'll be able to catch me, ego, and other ng artists/staff portraying lackluster versions of our online identities in real life. Just Kidding. Kind of.

Posted by Afro-Ninja - May 11th, 2009

Talking about this thing is getting really redundant, so just go watch it-


A somewhat self parody of my escape games, this is a project I started for fun and because I have easy access to a bathroom. Yeah it's a bit cheesy, and yeah it's a video file, whatever. The final product is a mix of video and flash so don't whine to me about the whole video in the portal thing.

I was waiting on the redesign of my site to release this stuff. Expect the actual game to follow up in 2-3 weeks.

In other news I will be heading home for the summer this weekend and starting on another huge project that will consume inordinate amounts of my time. Yeah!

PS. while the game and video share some similar elements the puzzles are very different, so don't worry

Trapped in an Escape Game!

Posted by Afro-Ninja - April 28th, 2009



If you get some junk about an apache 'great success' page try clearing out your cache.

So yeah, it's here. I'll spare you the release speech, you can check that out on the home page. But once again, shout outs to Smulse and Undercover Studios for their help with the design/layout portion of the site.

Now that this is out of the way I can finally get around to making games again. I've had an escape game/video pair ready to release since last year but I was waiting till the site was finished for them. I still need a couple weeks to iron out bugs and finish up some back-end stuff, but new content is now in sight.

Let me know what you think!

Posted by Afro-Ninja - April 11th, 2009

I'm lame. It's ok, I know.


I'm hopping on the twitter bandwagon because it's important that you know all the little things that happen in my life.

Not really, the twitter account is more for updates relating to my site and/or flash projects. I thought it might come in handy since I locked down the database on my current site and haven't posted for a while/ wont be posting for a while.

Speaking of my site, things are still coming along well. A few weeks ago I lost my new database structure and then my hosting company failed, so I wasted a lot of time dealing with that stuff.

That's been taken care of though and everything is back on track. ETA for the new site? Ehh... let's see where we're at in a month. See you on twitter till then.

Posted by Afro-Ninja - February 23rd, 2009

So, I'm in Philly now and back to attending school full-time.

Just to quell some rumors from my last post real quick- I didn't come to Philly to work for Newgrounds, nor will I be. I came to Philly because I wanted to try out some big city life for a while, and due to mod meets and other events it's the city I'm most familiar with away from home. And hey, it never hurts to have a few friends in reach.

I've actually only had a chance to stop in to the office once so far, school has been keeping me pretty busy with important things like writing mindless research papers. Next semester should be better though.

I recently put out Type It II, a game I had mostly programmed and finished before arriving here in January. Unfortunately it seemed to flop a bit, but that happens. The typing game genre isn't exactly a hot one.

Other than that I've really just been devoting any of my free time to the impending afro-ninja.com site redesign. Progress is occurring steadily now but I will not say any words about a finish date, because we know how that goes.

The current site has lasted me for many years, and could continue to do so, but it's time to move on and upgrade. The new site is much more streamlined, sensical, organized, and efficient than the current one. It's also much more standards compliant, being written in xhtml strict. It's quite possibly one of the most important projects I've started to date, so I'm pretty excited to push through with it.

As for meetups this year, I'm probably gonna play it low key. I have a lot to get done right now and I'm at a big transitional point, so I don't want to feel like I'm spending money needlessly to fly around and party. Right now all I'm gonna commit to is comic-con, because it's hard to miss such a great meet up with other flash artists.

So this is where I tell you what I've been up to

Posted by Afro-Ninja - December 3rd, 2008

For any Territory WAR Online fans out there I just put out a major update (v. 1.21) that includes two new levels, the Pit and Jungle! Also included is a pick-axe weapon, which can be used to both damage other players and dig through the stage.

Artwork has been provided of course by the official Territory WAR artist, poxpower.

The full game is available for play on either my site or at Xgen via territorywaronline.com

For anyone unaware, Territory WAR Online is of course the online sequel to the original Territory WAR, where you can sign up for an account and battle other players online for free! All of your stats are tracked as well.

In other news, the site redesign is still... on the way. It hasn't exactly been kicked into gear yet, hopefully by the beginning of next week. I'll say no more.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it or not but a new escape game and an escape-related video have been ready for launch since June of this year, but they were created with the intent of releasing along with my site redesign. Hang tight.

LASTLY, for anyone who remembers my mentioning of applying to art school in my last post.. well.. I got accepted! I will be moving to Philadelphia in January and will be attending the University of the Arts on Broad street. I'm pretty excited, as I've been spending more time staring at the computer than I really need to. I'm enrolled in the multimedia program so I intend to learn all sorts of new tricks to entertain you guys with. I'll keep ya updated.

New levels + weapon for Territory WAR! Moving to Philly!

Posted by Afro-Ninja - October 27th, 2008

In case anyone is interested in a little more of the backstory to the Office Adventure game we just put out-

I'm currently applying to attend school in Philly, at the University of the Arts. I'm interested in joining their multimedia program. I've already been through school once and have a degree in CIS, but I want to go back. I'm essentially interested in any skill that can be used for a creative purpose- art, animation, music, programming, video, etc. My CIS degree helped me get where I am as a flash programmer, but I don't want that to be a limiting factor. Nowadays I mostly sit around home, spending countless hours on the computer. I want to be back in the scene, around people that do what I do, around people in the know. My recent trip to philly was for an official portfolio review, so I should expect to see some kind of answer in the coming week or two...

I've also been learning a bit of AS3 in the meantime (finally) so depending on how my next projects go I might put out something small with it soon.

In other news, I'm preparing for a massive site redesign for afro-ninja.com. I'm enlisting the help of Undercover Studios and Smulse for the template itself, where I'll take over with php/mysql back-end duties after they're done. I'm really gunning to get the redesign done before year's end so that if I go off to school in January I wont have to worry about taking on a new workload while the site is transitioning.

Thoughts on the design itself?

Office Adventure and site redesign

Posted by Afro-Ninja - September 2nd, 2008

First there was Territory WAR Online (3 years in the making) and now Escape from Camp Crystal Lake, 4 years in the making!

Ok, so it wasn't exactly 4 years of work, that would be ridiculous. But it can be pretty hard to drag something off the back burner and update/finish it. Regardless, that's two big projects taken out in the span of a month, so now I can finally move on to some new stuff.

Well, kinda. There's been some foul play going on in Territory WAR with 'trainer' programs used for hacking. So I need to work on patching that up this week.

Next up is a full-on site redesign for afro-ninja.com. It's been needing it for a long time..

Lastly, stfu and go buy Castle Crashers. It's fun.