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Wow. Well done man, I guess you'll be getting rewards for all that hard work soon :)

I stopped playing TWO because there's always these little fucking horny bastards in there in the lobbies saying shit like, "IF UR A GRL PREZZ 123 LOL!11!!!11" It's annoying as shit.

Maybe you should fix that too <_<

I don't have the ability to age the players of my game =(

Congrats on all the accomplishments. Good luck with your next one.

well done man!

u deserve a rest i say! ;)
just played escape from crystal lake! its really great! kinda scary too!

keep it up!

and yeah there are horny lil buggers in the lobby! haha

1. TWO is a bitch with hackers.
2. Just finished Crystal Lake, I found it fun, very fun. Great job.
and 3. I already finished CC and it kicks ass.

Wicked nice, voted teh 5!

Though, I could use some more metalz! ;D

If Jason had the mental capacity to listen to and appreciate music, he'd pick death metal

I usually look over these games, but that was pretty fun.

That Jason's got some fancy dance moves.

Hacking looks halfway fixed! nice job! Congratz on Camp Crystal Lake! Ive been waiting for thatr to come out! BTW..................................
SITE REDESIGN WILL NEVER COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

I just left a review...

REALLY should have waited until the Halloween event. It might have meant delaying it for a month and a half, but it would've made a good entry.

i know this has nothin to do with this but WHY THE HELL IS THERE NO MGS collab DISK 2!!!!

i beat it, 100% without the walkthrough, it was great, it gave out an eariness thats hard to do, but you could have worked on jason a little, 5/5, 10/10, 100%!

I so beat your game...

I need to buy a 360 before I can get castle crashers

Nice afro. or is it a jew-fro? and lol I had the same problem as fawx! Its not like any girls play TWO though...

TWO owns i got like all my friends into it u should make stage maker and team battles that would be awesome

it look like funnygames.com has TWO (is it supposed to be unlicenced demo ???)
<a href="http://www.funny-games.biz/territory-war-online.html">http://www.funny-games.biz/territory-

hackers already damm

p.s. maybe u can add a lobby for hackers

I wanna go get something to eat, you in?

yeah. white castle sound good?

camp crystal is awesome nice job

someone has made a trainer for TWO
they say it lets u control your oppenents weapons
F**K hackers

in TWO can u make stage creator and can u add me on aim my aim is angryface78

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