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Woah, I didnt know you had your own site.
First comment BTW.

I've gotten a PM that apparently I'm a whiny bitch in that game. THANKS!

I was just goin' for the real-life feel bro

If we hold on together
I know our dreams will never die
Dreams see us through to forever
As high as souls can fly
The clouds roll by, for you and I

Cock joke.

the new site looks awesome

I love your games man but not 1 Nightmare house or escape Elm street could probably make games less scary? no offense.

based on that small image, the new design looks a lot better then what you have now.

Looks a lot more professional than your old site. My only suggestion is that you do a little more to create contrast between the buttons/links and your background. Maybe choose a colour like Black or outline the buttons in white to help seperate them from the rest and make it look less bland. For example, newgrounds has a great grey and orange colour scheme to help direct viewers to important buttons and links on the site. Anyway, it looks great :) I hope things work out for you and univ, I'm sure you'll get in.

Hmm, I was waiting for a redesign for your site. The original one looked to plain in my taste.


First of all.. is your hair real? If it is... dude... how do you not get your ass kicked on a daily basis?

You remind me of a scarier version of Frodo, in which his hair is trying to eat him.

I dunno, guess I'm not in gradeschool anymore

The new site seems to look pretty cool, but for my taste there is a bit too much space-with-nothing-in-it. That might just be the screenshot though.

New Media is interesting, since everything you learn changes so fast. I learned AS2 my first two years, took a year off to work, and when I had to get back had to learn AS3 from the ground up. The funny thing is most companies still want you to work in AS2. Going back to school for Multimedia sounds like an interesting plan though.

We actually just finished a major site overhaul too. Your template looks pretty sweet so far. What are you doing for the backend? (We used a framework called CakePHP).

The backend will all be custom made, built around the php PDO class.

I love your game man, just please read my review and you can use that idea if you want I'd like to see it come true.

Was Swain refusing the beer a pun?

I'm afraid that would be irony

Ah cool, that's how we did the last version of our site. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

argh! u little... aah!!!

i finally got all the achievements in the office adventures and...


i hate you i hate you i hate you!!!!

other than that, great game dood, nice little way to waste time

Site design is even better than it was before!
Good job!

Spiffy. Only part I don't like is the rocky background of the submissions. Aside from that, it's very snazzy. I'd go there.

I love you.

Best of luck Shawn! I'm sure everything will fall into place. :)


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