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Damn, I REALLY wish I could go. How much do tickets go for?

Comicon itself cost about $50, but for me the plane tickets are about an extra 400-500... then there's the hotel too. But if you live local yeah it's about 50, not sure if it 'sells out' or anything though

Afro Ninja, you wearing some outrageous costume?

haha, nope. Just an afro-ninja t-shirt

Wow!! Great I hope i could also go there..

Times like these that I wish I could go to Comicon.

Also, those are some friggin' awesome stickers you have there.

Dang, wish I could be there this year. Sexy stickers.

lol they kept saying watch this video from afro ninja on british radio the other day but it turned out it was some afro ninja vid on youtube which is sooooo funny btw....

See you there...where we will have our final confrontation...blood will be spilled. :P

See you there Mr.Ninja

cool, wil you be giving stickers out or they have a cost?
yeah see you there : )

Stickers are free!

lol. Those stickers are freaking awesome! Be careful, have fun.

ah yes, finding the perfect balance between fun and caution. Hmm >:)

awesome! hope you have a hell of a time... i know you will. try to snag a good picture of you an tom lookin' extra sexy, i'm sure it won't be hard ;)

:) Have a safe trip back home seeing as you're already out there. Have fun!

Damn, super nice stickers.

Every year Comi-con comes around I always want to go just because of how close it is to where I live. Looks like I'll be missing out on all the fun. :(

Hopefully next year I'll be going, when I have the ability to drive. :D

I costs an Xbox 360 and a used 360 game......along with expensive add ons to go to Comic Con from the East Coast.......Well.....I can't count on it now to go.......a few years, maybe.......hopefully everyone would still be interested in it. Do you often see anybody so big that an average person would know?

P.S. when will the new AN logo/improved mascot take over the site and replace the old.

Dunno, cause I still like the old one.. : /

<a href="http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/6759/comiconav5.jpg">http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/67 59/comiconav5.jpg</a>

caught on the Comicon web cam!

how did joo find me :o


your own fucking stikers... awsome stuff!

really living it up then? think when I get my site up and running, will look into doing some of these things... mainly for shamelss self promotion!

Thanks for signing my autograph book, posing for a pic, and giving me autographed stickers on Thursday. It was really nice meeting you. Till next year!

no prob man : )

I didn't get a sticker :(

I got like two of those things cuz i totally saw you there

did i play ng rumble with you or was it just mindchamber

hmm, I'm pretty sure I only played luksy, so you probably played MC

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