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I remember playing Territory War 1 back in the day.
Good times...

two years?

I started the engine in late 2010, worked on and off through 2011, but a majority of the game has been completed this year.

those backgrounds are nuts.

those stickfigures make me cry.

but.. but it's tradition : (

Good job, will you add lots of heads again?
I want a bird head.

there will be new hats and accessories

Also, any thoughts on a mobile conversion?
It'd work great on an Xperia play.

I'm looking into mobile development in general, don't expect to see territory war mobile just yet though.

You should also look at getting it onto steam greenlight.

My brother is going to be excited when I tell them about this. Brings back memories. :)

It's great to see a new Territory War. The pick and piece build options look like they have real potential. I'd be curious to see some more of the game modes.

Looking awesome, had no idea this was in development! Sorry if I overlooked this on the site or wherever else, but is this being sponsored by Xgen again? I feel like they're the perfect fit for Territory Wars. :3

yep xgen will once again be providing the server technology for online play

Thank you for actually making sequels that improve gameplay in addition to expanding it. ;)

Seriously, I thought this was post-stick NG. :/

stix 4evr

i found the controls in number two far too complex to play i liked number one since it was simple and never had anything more advance than 1 key

well, the controls were kinda the same it's just that 2 had more weapons and more things you could do so I needed some extra keys. part 3 has a better in-game tutorial so hopefully that will help.

Pfft, stick haters, man. Theyz gonna be hatin'. Honestly, things are as original as the idea behind them, the plot, things like that. Does it really matter if the characters are custom drawn, stick people, or sprites? Seems so superficial to me.

Anyways, I liked it a lot when I played the first 2, and I'm really looking forward to this one. Hurry up and roll this thing out before the suspense kills me!

Drinking game idea; Watch the videos and every time he says "Uhhh" or "Ummm" TAKE A SHOT!
xD Couldn't help myself.

i still play number one its a tonne better than number two

what makes it better?

the controls were better it didn't rely on online play it ws the first of its kind and you can make the guys moonwalk

IDEA: add somthing to heal our guys and maybe a shop to buy new stuff like armor

It probably won't happen, seeing as it's so late in development, but I agree with P9899, a currency and shop system would be pretty sweet.

When it will be coming??? I am a fans of this game! Will you be adding music? I am looking forward to it! Please Afro-Ninja.... please??

beta comes in a month or less, game will be about before the end of the year

like upgrading weapons adding a sniper rifle c4 landmines headshot proof helmets and knives

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