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Picross DS

Posted by Afro-Ninja - August 14th, 2007

Ah, ok, I'll give in and use this as a blog now.

I just bought Picross DS for... er.. the DS. And it's pretty awesome. I think of it as a more entertaining sudoku. Same principle- fill in the squares based on the clues. Only with picross you create a picture each time, and the grid can change sizes. There's also more little rules to follow with picross.

If you're interested in trying it out, I suggest looking up the game 'Armor Picross' (made by kenney and syko227)

Picross DS also features 'daily picross' which gives you some sort of goal to accomplish once per day, and it tracks your progress over time. Neat stuff.

Also, I hope everyone that wanted stickers sent me an email, cause I got them all sent out today. Sorry!

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hey, did i miss something about free stickers??? :O

yes : (

I had a message on my site/userpage for people who wanted some free afro ninja stickers, but I have them all posted and mailed now : (

Looks like I'm not the only one advertising Picross. It's the perfect game to play while laying out in a hammock and listening to some music. We'll have to trade some custom puzzles when I can get my Wi-Fi connection working again.

I've yet to make any, I'm determined to finish out normal mode first :)

I got my stickers :D

Yeeee :D

Hey man, don't be knocking other peoples' news posts when all you do in yours is alk about what game you bought you dork!! And psht, stickers are lame D:

your mom is lame


I got my stickers too :D and the games sounds cool also.

Aww, I would die a million times over for some afro stickers


I am deeply sorry that picross does not suit your tastes, sir

I wanted some of the stickers oh well, forget it now, the picross game was kinda cool, also, i havent noticed you submitted some new stuff.

what did the stickers look like?

check my last news post


either my browser is stupid or the '06 and '05 articles won't open on your site.

seem to be working fine for me, have you tried again since?

Picross is a great time killer. I never did see a reason for the 30 minute time limit. Maybe when I get my DS replaced, I'll send ya a puzzle.

Try Armor Picross, it's nice.

yeah, I played some armor picross after I heard there was a DS picross, to see what it was all about. I'd like to make my own picross game, but I'll just add that to the list :p

your hair is so sexay

Sweet hair! I never heard about free stickers... oh well.

when I click the drop down thing for years of articles when I click '05 or '06, it just goes back to '07 articles, it's probably stupid Internet Explorer 6 I really need to get Firefox, But I had ie 7 and it did the same thing, if I had a screen recorder I'd show you what it's doing.

wow, you're right.. stupid IE..
got it fixed now, thanks for the heads up :)

You, sir, make the best flash.

can someone plz send me a mess telling me how to get my lvl up

I don't think i'v even ever used a DS before...but i take your word for it...

Wow. I wish I was you.

abusing the comment system

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