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Territory WAR Online Hits NG!

Posted by Afro-Ninja - July 29th, 2008

It's been a long time coming but I'm happy to say that Territory WAR Online is finally playable here on Newgrounds! The game itself has actually been in full launch for about two months now, but following initial release we ran into all kinds of issues that needed fixing/upgrading/testing/etc. Making a game is one thing, but making an online game that needs to handle thousands of players a day is a whole different story.

I need to take a moment here for some very special thanks- To XGen for making the online portion of this game possible. To Poxpower and Swain, who provided the game's vastly improved artwork. To Josh Kemp, Jason Turner, GoreBastard, and DarKsidE555 who provided the game's custom soundtrack. And to the beta testers, who helped me squash out plenty of bugs and tighten up the gameplay. This project was huge and could have not been completed if it wasn't for the help of the aforementioned people. For a more in-depth writeup on the scope of this game, feel free to check out the article I have on my site. And before I forget, shout out to Mindchamber who provided the character animation for my intro animation that you'll see in the game.

So why the demo version and not a full version here? Well, there's a few reasons. Up to this point, we haven't released anything outside of our own sites that isn't the demo version. Releasing to large sites like Newgrounds brings in huge influxes of traffic, and we have to be careful not to overload the servers. The demo version is much less resource-intensive as all it does is pair up random players against each other. The full version has multiple lobbies with active chat and stat tracking, which leads to a much higher volume of message traffic. Also, unlike regular flash games, online ones actually cost money to run. More traffic = needing more and better servers. So ideally, if any sites are actually interested in running a full version we have to work out some kind of revenue sharing deal to cover the costs. And honestly, that's just a real pain in the ass. I brought up the issue with Tom and he said to just go ahead and stick with the demo version, to make it easier all around.

So with that said, go play! And check out the free full version at www.territorywaronline.com!

Territory WAR Online Hits NG!

Comments (31)

first comment, it rocks

Its about freaking time!

Finally done, ey?

What else to say other than "WOOT ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO DIS!" :D

Hope a couple of sites are already interested in this baby! Work out deal for free beers! ;D

Beer and food are the best forms of payment

Nicely done mate, keep it up!

I heard you have a layer of gray hair coming in under the afro from the stress of finishing this off.

not too far from the truth :D

i was wondering myself if the full vesion was gonna cuase more traffic and i think the demo is a good idea, if anyone wants has second thougths about playing this game,they gotta be fools cuz this game is off the hook.Ive benn playing since the BETA and havnt leftit since, Afro! havnt seen you in the game since the lobby problem last week, hope to see you around sometime and give me that rematch lol, anyways, good job and cant wait to see your next projects, cuz i became like a big fan of your recently. Oh if anyone wants to chat or what not then look me up in the game, my user name is colombia14 and i usually spend time in the Mess Hall lobby and the Armory lobby. Thanks and good luck

we'll get our rematch eventually. glad to have your support!

Looks epic, just needs to include in the title that this is a demo.

Been playing it ever since it was leaked to the XGen forums, and lovin' every minute.

IT ROCKS but i will still play the full version.

Absolutely stunning mate.

You and the flash.

Congrats on releasing this. I was tentative when read it was a demo version but actually it makes sense and it isnt one of those lame bait and switch types of ordeals that some developers do to try and milk every possible penny. KENNEY.

Anywho this is a vast improvement over the last version and came out quite professional lookin, nice work by you and your goons.


You've got the mightiest afro of them all.

happy to see you got the domain for the game, i remember reading somewhere that a domain squatter bought it before you or something.

well, "territorywar.com" is still taken, so I went with "territorywaronline.com"

cheap ass fortress and all the challenge is gone

I agree that this is the best game ever made by anyone.

Good job, I got my practice with Worms so this is easy.

Happy birthday bro :)!!!

Nice job with posting it on newgrounds shawn! Happy birthday BTW! BTW u didnt give credit to the BETA testers!!! AKA Me and columbia and a buch of other people!

ok fixed ;)
I had a whole bunch of people playing beta though so I can't list all the names

Thats awsome that you can play territory war online at newgrounds now and nice daily 3rd place keep it up.

that game is amazingly awesome man! happy late birfday as well! (lol...birfday)

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