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Escape #3, Dedicated server

Posted by Afro-Ninja - November 19th, 2007

I've been waiting a while to make a news post

If anyone is curious why my newest Escape Game has been out for over a month now, but not on NG, there's a reason for that. The Escape Games are sponsored by Addictinggames, but they're non-exclusive. Meaning I can continue to upload the game wherever I like. Since AG sponsors it though, I at least have to wait for them to upload it to their site first. But when they did, and I woke up the next day, I was getting waayy too much traffic from it. My server was barely handling it. So submitting to NG would have just been overkill.

Rather than waste traffic and piss people off because they couldn't see the walkthrough page, I decided to wait until my host could set me up with a dedicated server for my account. This took longer than expected, but I did get a free 2-month deal for the wait. It worked out anyway, because KT-Records wanted to finish the full version of my 'Afro Ninja theme song' first, a loop of which can be found in the end of the now uploaded Escape #3

If ninjas could fight to music, I think they'd pick that song

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Your escape series of games are very well planned. You've got some good talent when it comes to this style of gameplay. The viduals are nice and clean as well. Great work.

loved your knee video.

Thank God there is an afro-ninja theme song. It totally didn't match the song I created in my head each time I saw your logo.

Kinda weak compared to the first two, still nice work.

That letter drop game.... WTF? What's that from? the old age? Good thing you had the walkthrough with the game, or I would have been POed.

Anyways, GG.

I got the idea from a puzzle book. Ah cmon, it's not that hard :)

I love your Escape series. It's not just trial and error. And the items aren't nearly impossible to see like in other click and point games. You have to be very observant for letters, numbers, etc.

Cant wait for your next game.

you rock dude


well i can say to you u will go long way from here


ps; U ROCK

Ninjas DO fight to music. Well, at least they make music...
<a href="http://www.ninjamagic.tk/">http://www.ninjamagic.tk/</a>

Why can't ninjas fight to music???? :-)

sounds cool.

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I enjoyed that one, the phone added a unique gameplay element.

boom boom shakalakalaka boom
boom boom shakalaka boom boom

awesome game shawn!

Cool and if you like a good joke view my user page.

When SSBB comes out are you going to make a movie of it like the knee only this time it'll be...teh pokemans?

I'll only make another vid if both captain falcon and the knee return to brawl. And that the knee wont completely suck now (since they're axing other character's powerful attacks)