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SHMUP is here

Posted by Afro-Ninja - July 17th, 2011

and you should go play a lot of it.

that is all

SHMUP is here

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Yeah, dude. Personally write me later to inconvenience yourself and ask me to do something you already did. Cool game, bro. Music is tops.

dude, get off minecraft and finish TW3. Epic skin though.

x.x woah that game was SO good cause it reminded me of that old arcade game i used to play . . . gadian something idk. :c im sorry

Brings me back, like:

Go ninja, go ninja - GO!!!

This game sucks donkey balls, why don't you stop pretending you're awesome?

Jkjk, it's super fun. I love how it is the perfect embodiment of a SHMUP. :>

Because we totally needed another game with a completely unoriginal concept.

sry I'll go ahead and start another artsy pixel platformer

I'm really hating the stuff you did with enemy bullets in this game. I hate that they float around in all different directions really slow, and I hate when the enemy's shooting straight down so I can't get infront of em. Instead of being something to dodge around, they're TOTALLY just something that gets in the way, and stops me from shootin dudes.

That was KIND OF fixed in World 2 where most enemies were asteroids, and I had a second weapon slot- but then everyone was spittin out bullets in every direction n it got hard for a different reason. So the first few levels are like the worst part of the game.

Also I was dissapointed when I bought the Bolt Cannon and all it did was shoot missiles. I mean come on, it's called the "bolt cannon", give me a beam or something.

I think I'd have a lot more fun with this if you broke the mould a bit n didn't have tiny red dots waving around. Like if you replaced that with more diverse enemy patterns- cos at least then I can SHOOT enemies.
anyway I'll stfu fr a while. It was good when I had 2 guns.

noted, thanks for the feedback

Hi Afroninja you're super gay but your game is pretty decent

It's a totally generic shmup and even though you're totally aware of that and even called the game "SHMUP" that doesn't excuse originality. There is no mute button to turn off the shitty music so that's annoying. Graphics are okay and I guess you put a lot of work into them but they're completely forgetable. Basically Bullet Heaven by mattlikesswords is better in every way. But this game is totally playable and that's better than most of what you make

also I like that you can manually adjust the direction your bullets fly

what have I made that isn't playable
also press 'm' to mute

WOOHOO! WAS PLAYING IT LAST NIGHT (PS I WAS ONE OF THE ALPHA TESTERS), AND THE GRAPHICS ARE NICE! the only problem would be that on slow computer, even low quality made me sit for 20 minutes just to finish level 1.

you have minecartf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think thats the most positive feedback Registrar ever had.

Also, more like SHMUCK. amirite.

Its amazing how popular minecraft has gotten since it came out! Everyware I look, minecraft referance! The games awsome I don't see why anyone wouldn't like it!

This is a solid game you have put together. Only a few things you could have added to make it better.

A survival mode would have been great. Being able to just fight your way through endless enemies is always a good time.

Another mode that would have been nice is a Mission mode. Complete this objective or kill only this kind of enemy, something like that.

While the weapons themselves were great, it would have been nice to have some sort of engineering upgrade (I.E. an extended Pulse Cannon shot or an extra rebound on the Rubber Cannon), either a very high priced upgrade or as a prize for completing certain missions or getting certain medals.

That's about all I have to say about this game except that I don't understand what people are complaining about that its a hard game. I had no trouble with it. The upgrades came nicely and it didn't seem to be slow going. So, Good Job!

I have only one question. HOW are people getting such a high score on the first and second worlds? I got a perfect score on all levels with no damage and all enemies destroyed and I see scores higher than mine. Does it have to do with what gun I use?

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Thats like skincraft..

Afro if your a mod on NG(or if you know a mod on NG)then please get this guy named Denegoth's RPG game banned because of this:
1:He keep's hurrassing me and
2:He was impersonating a Mod of NG in a PM.
ik that mod's can't read PM's but hear this I can instantainiously post what he said to me in a PM before to me with the threat's.

(Me)Yeah it's still displaying as not passed in the portal since it only just did, You need to check out the actual game in the flash portal.

(Me)Anyway kid, I'm trying to be nice since I'm generally not a hostile person, but really, if you keep up this petty harassment which is all over you just wanting to see me put in your ideas to the game, I'm going to have to report you to the higher ups, and you'll be met with a swift and ferocious ban. If you wish to keep discussing the game, be my guest, but please stop with these childish threats and insults.
(Denegoth) i didn't insult you but i did threaten yes.and the threat wasn't fake.yes i did just see the game but i wasn't joking it was in the red zone when i saw it at first.if i saw the save didn't work i wouldn't voted 0 so it wouldn't of made it.and technicly I am a teen and i would prefer you call me that not &quot;kid&quot;you can get banned for just that and actually you can;t ban me by PM because not even the mod's of NG can read them so i can't be banned by PM and i allready say that in my very first argument on NG with this guy name HFR aka a NG mod(i think).so don't push your luck or i'll have a few of my Mod friend's find a reason to ban your litte fake RPG game.
(Me)I'm already writing out the complaint. You've been a very silly little boy, maybe it's time to grow up?
You see?He threatened me...