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Territory War Online around the corner, but...

Posted by Afro-Ninja - March 6th, 2008

Seeing as how I made previous comments about getting this game to beta stages by late february/early march, I thought I should make an update on the situation.

First off, the game itself virtually done. There are a few missing assets, but nothing major. The problem? Implementing the stats system, and making it hack-proof.

I want people that play Territory WAR online to feel a sense of accomplishment with their records. And when someone comes along with a hacked profile, or is able to cheat the game, that takes a lot of fun out of it. The only problem is that with code execution being on the client side, it's virtually impossible to make the game 'hack-proof.' That being said, hacking this game should prove to be damn hard. People comment that stick arena is easily hacked, but that's because when stick arena was released, it had no security implementations. Territory WAR has several. I'm not going to describe any of them though- the more I explain, the more a hacker has to work with. Script kiddies need not apply. I ALMOST hope that someone hacks this game, because the hours they would have to spend sifting through obfuscated source code and encryption strings would be a testament to their pathetic nature.

Also, Xgen (who I am working with for the online aspect) is still busy working on their wiiware version of Defend Your Castle. Which looks amazing, by the way.

I still hope to have something significant released this month in the Territory WAR universe. But for now, I'll have to leave you with another screenshot from one of pox's stages. By the way, don't be surprised if you see a cameo level from a certain blockheaded flash artist too. (HAHA GET IT?!!? I sure don't)

Territory War Online around the corner, but...

Comments (79)

First comment. =D
Can't wait for it man.

sweet can't wait to play it AN

awsome look like itll be fun cant wait =D

19th comment

not quite

I think this is the fourth comment.

Hahaha oh man, I can't wait for Territory War Online. I'm sure you'll do a great job making it super hard to hack =)

What you COULD do is get someone who can hack. Have them, on purpose and not on through the internet hack your game. He/she can tell you how he/she did it so you can try and prevent that from happening. And maybe if you do this enough it will be a pretty hard to hack game.. So I guess you should hire a hacker per say :p


The graphics are soooooooo good! Did you draw them?

nope, poxpower is handling most of the art

It's lookin' good!!!
This is totally why I have an Afro-Ninja sticker on my wallet. :D

BTW, I was wondering... You are close to getting to the next rank. But the Ninja Stars fit you...so do you NOT level up on purpose?

I stopped depositing for a while to keep the ninja stars, but I decided I eventually want GOLD ninja stars (level 50)

Haha, nice.
Well, good luck with that. Should only take you...what...a year or two?

That's seriously going to stay in 1st spot on NG for 2 months if not more. It's the best multiplayer flash game I've seen, and all I've seen are screenshots.

Just amazing. Would love to beta test it, but you probably have too many of those people already :P.

Anyway. wish you best of luck. Hackers SUCK >=(

heh, thanks :)
only problem is that the demo version will be the one released on NG first. You'll be able to play online, but only in quickplay matches (no username or stats), so that might hurt its rankings in the portal.

Having a full version here will depend on a combination of what I, Xgen, and Newgrounds decides will work best

as far as beta testers.. well.. let's just say you can never have enough testers :)

I'd love to beta test as well Afro-Ninja, the last Territory War was awesome, but this looks intense. The graphics are crazy and the gameplay is going to be even better than the last one.

Keep up the awesome work and good luck keeping it 'hack-proof;.

All I know is that Territory War is one of the best games I've ever played, but I'd like to be a beta tester, although the Chances that I'll become one is slim. But please, could you make room for me? If not, I'll understand. Just please make room OK?

P.S. If you want, I can beta test any other projects if you want. On weekends, I have WAY TOO MUCH TIME on my hands.

the best thing to do is get a former hacker to make it hack proof

it is pretty much the same as viruses they keep on making new ones all the time
so virus protectors have to update all the time
this bit her is unrelated
tyhough there is some rumour that people who make virus protectors build viruses to make people buy them

l THink the game will be god because all the maps will be changet to better queiltu and the sticks will be better and the weopans waithing for them dude

nice graphics

and hackers are a problem in lots of games but flash game si find pathetic its a stinking flash there simple there "time killers" if you have to ahck a flash to win or look good then maybe you should play a different one or you got way to mcuh time on your hands

also this for wolfbitz

there are actually some security devices that do do that-privacy protector- spam virus we couldnt do anything without a pop up every 2 seconds and our background was changed all ads for privacy protector and many others do alot of things liek this too

Looks pretty amazing so far!


stop making these fp posts unless its done and ready. you are such a cocktease... more so than tom and his redesign project

You be quiet

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