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Soda Dungeon and Twitch Streaming

Posted by Afro-Ninja - June 30th, 2015

You may have caught word if you follow me on Twitter, but I wanted to officially announce here the project I've been working on with poxpower: Soda Dungeon! It's an rpg/dungeon crawler with a focus on building+equipping a new team each time to explore the local dungeon. Upgrade your team selection by improving your Tavern and stocking it with new sodas. We'll start off on mobile but we plan to bring it to Steam and the web later on.

On that note I've also been getting into streaming on Twitch. I mostly stream games so far but tomorrow afternoon I'll be doing a dev stream of Soda Dungeon if you're interested!





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This is one of the most exciting projects I've been looking forward too. I love dungeon games, and I'm a fan of both of you guys, so exciting. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Thanks bud! I started to play Red Oz last night but it was just before bed and I'm a pansy so I closed out, lol. Will fire it back up soon.

Horay! i'll watch it tommmorow :3


I was thinking about streaming coding sessions, but it seems boring to watch. What do you think?

I also have a dungeon crawler/roguelite/whatever in the works with openfl!

I was worried about that too, so I waited until I had some new art ready to put in the game. So that way it's a mix of art and code. Never heard of livecoding before, looks interesting. Does it seem like a much better choice than twitch for dev streams?

I caught a little bit of your stream and noticed you talking about gulp and babel. How do they fit into your OpenFL workflow?

Ah no, that wasn't me streaming, someone linked me to that earlier today as a more focused outlet for code streaming over twitch.

I don't have the internet right now to even watch a stream, much less stream something haha. Maybe once I get back to uni I'll start.

oh, gotcha! yeah it's a tough call. I'll probably just stick with twitch unless there's a sudden upsurge in people using livecoding.

Sounds like fun

Hey I've always been meaning to ask and I know I cant be the first but...

Is Newgrounds Sim 2 ever going to be a possibility?

At this point, very unlikely : (
Back when flash games were on top it was much easier to market a game for a flash-based site.
Since then I've made game dev my full time job, with plenty of ups and downs. So I have to focus on things that have a higher chance of earning money : (

Like wegra said we need a NG Sim 2 i liked the first. :P