Escaping the car one last time.

2016-01-25 12:43:01 by Afro-Ninja

If you like games that have died and been dragged out of the grave several times then be sure to check out

Trust me, I don't actually think that escape the car is that awesome. BUT, whenever I research a new platform I inevitably bring back Escape the Car because I can focus on the mechanics of the new platform and not have to worry about designing a new game at the same time. A big thanks also goes to @Hyptosis for turning my stale old flash art into something worth looking at.


For personal education I'm doing a stream where I try to play and study games. I'll be playing Recettear: An Item Shop's tale this Thursday at 2 PM EST if anyone is interested. Catch me at



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2016-01-25 14:26:48

I'm glad to see you bring Escape the Car back, It's a fun challenge ad the relaunch looks great. I'd interested to see what else you are working on.

Afro-Ninja responds:

Thanks! My current project is a game called Soda Dungeon. Free download for mobile. Coming soon to PC.


2016-01-26 10:45:17

hmm ive seen that before...


2016-01-27 11:24:27

What new platform is this made on?

Afro-Ninja responds:

OpenFL. Still looking to switch to Unity though.


2016-01-27 17:23:07

I totally get you. Lincari is one of those games I'll probably re-make on every new platform I learn.


2016-01-27 23:05:34

Glad to see that you're still at it. Been following your work for upwards of 10 years now.

Afro-Ninja responds:

Thanks! really appreciate it.