Documenting Development in 2017

2017-01-03 17:08:20 by Afro-Ninja

Everyone loves New Year's resolutions, so here goes with mine. I'm starting off the year with a short video series where I wrap up the previous month's work in terms of game development, reading, research, game playing, and more. I'm trying to be a bit more structured with my time, and also hoping to tip other people off to some interesting content as well. 

I'm still working on Soda Dungeon, as we're currently looking to wrap up the Steam version and put it out near the end of this month. Still debating dropping a flash demo version, and then we're off to Soda Dungeon 2.

Here's to a productive 2017!




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2017-01-03 18:43:30

Good luck in 2017 Shawn!

Afro-Ninja responds:

Thanks bud <3


2017-01-04 18:09:27

That's a good idea. I usually have trouble being motivated when there's not something interesting to code up. Then school comes in and eats up all my time. Maybe I should write more regularly to hold myself more accountable, something like that.

Good luck on your end!


2017-01-04 20:00:09

I wish you luck and success in 2017 and all the years that will follow. I know you won't let anyone down. Keep loving your fans and they'll keep loving you as well <3 Thanks for all of the great memories your content has brought me, I can't wait to make more with your future content :)