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you're too talented to be doing this busted vg parody crap

Shamoozal responds:

Thanks I think?


If these characters are supposed to be siblings why is there such a strong inference of incest? that makes the ipod joke awkward, and the shower thing just... weird.

good animation, just watch the consistency of your line weights.

LovelyKouga responds:

The joke, really, is that Jessi is not very intelligent, and therefore doesn't see anything wrong with selling pictures of Riley for money. My guess is that Herbert instructed her on what kinds of photos to take, and she sees taking a picture of Riley as a money-making prospect, NOT a sexual fascination with him. Despite how she acts, it's learned behaviour and she doesn't really know what it means. She just parrots what she's heard before.

Thanks! Yes I was having trouble with that - what settings on my tablet should I use...?


Nice ad-libbing on the events of comic-con! Liked the sig-maker too

Kart-Man responds:

Ah-ha! The ninja with the afro has shown his face! Thanks for reviewing! :D

Decent start

But you shouldn't be submitting 'tests' to the portal, and you need to increase your framerate a lot.

Animator1123 responds:

Well you have to admit even this little TEST was better than most the acctual animations people put up of madness and i didnt take the time to up the frame speed cause it was just a test and its a flash portal its meant for flash animations and this is an animation so i think it would also be right to go in the flash portal thanks for the 2

Very fluid

The overall quality of animations and animators is growing at an alarming rate. Sucks that you had to export/import the way you did though, with the compression issues. Did after effects play a large role in the finished product, or not really?

Onelani responds:

For After Effects, not really. I just took the final PNG sequences and put them together in AE and then rendered it out as a .mov file. The was no way I could've had the whole movie in one .fla file and then export. It was far too much content.

Too much fun

Haha, really glad I got to be a part of this, definitely helped pass the time yesterday. Congrats guys!

jmtb02 responds:

I'm still giggling at your submission. His expression is priceless :).

Decent idea

It's already been said, but the biggest improvement would be your mic/recording. It's hard to say what exactly the problem was here, but either way as long as you have a decent sound program (try audacity, it's free) and a headset mic (15$) you should get some pretty good sound. Also, try to use a little bit more pacing. Each scene seemed to come by at about the same speed whereas some, like when pico is first show as 'goth', should probably be a bit more drawn out for effect.

PinkSkull responds:

I do have audacity, I think the problem is I talked way too near the mic...
thanks a lot for the advice!

lmao cept...


JohnnyUtah responds:



That made my day :D

rebaz responds:

you made my day... =D

Good stuff

Alex, I think this is a momentous improvement from your recent movies. Well, the last one I saw at least. I love the NG theme. Voice acting was good, although watch out for those mic pops. And yeah, maybe a little lip sync couldn't hurt next time : )

But overall, <3. I look forward to your future improvements!
(and congrats on your upcoming daily award!)

alexsmolik responds:

Hey ! Glad you liked it man !
Woaw, Shawn Tanner himself is reviewing my movie? What an honour... I'm glad you noticed the improvements I've been trying to make, along with the NG theme. I tried to make this movie a funny movie, and this is the result. And oh, I have NO idea what are those mic pops! They aren't on the .wav file ... it's so weird!

About the lip-synching, I'm a terrible animator, at least, that's what I think. Plus, I'm very lazy, so when it comes to TRULY animate ... oh well, it's a whole other story. I've tried lip-synching in the past, in vain... with time maybe things will get better !
I don't know about the award though, maybe, who knows ? There's still 4h until the next day, in 4 hours, many great submissions can arrive. But I'll try to be positive ! =D
Thanks for the kind and motivating review.

I've got a lot of work ahead of me...

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