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Comments (95)

the original is still classic, but this will be even better!

I've always loved the original! Looks forward to the sequel!!
Will the sequel still have a story mode/offline mode?

You can still play your friends offline and do the challenges, but there will be no player vs cpu/story mode anymore :(
mainly due to the difficulty of trying to program AI to play on a dynamically changing level. I hope being able to log on and play actual people will make up for this though :)

I did not know you had planned to make a sequel to that game, it was enjoyable. This one should be great.

Played Territory WAR over and over with my friends. Can't wait for an online version.

Graphix are MADDDDD nice. Great improvement. Also good that collision detection was modded, good job AfroNinja! Can't wait to see it in the portal!

i love that game!

@$(*%)!_&$)!( Ok I am gonna play tonight, no excuses. THIS IS A CHALLENGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

This is gonna be great. Just.... GREAT.

People! We have competition to Disputed Galaxies here!
Lol, seriously, looks great. I just hope the gameplay is as good or better than the graphics, thats my philosophy.

admires the scenery, will there be destructive backgrounds?

Yep. you can blow holes in the stages, build over top of them, and blow that up too

looks fantastic.

So...... whats the release date? :3

Looking at early March right now, but don't hold me to that just yet

Looks amazing so far, it's like #2 on my most wanted to play list, next to rawl, of Course :)

Great work so far, and like the guy above me, release date plans? :D

YEY Moar worms action.. ONLINE... the Worms games is pretty much where I got my name from (heh) so I very much like them. Especially Worms World Party. I definitely look forward to this.

It's still fun sometimes to play the original one during school with other people :)

whoa looks way better. ill be waiting

That looks awesome,I can't wait to play!

Oh god, if this does come out in early March that would just be too much for me to handle. Spore, Brawl, and Territory War online? Maybe Stick Arena:Go Ballistick will be thrown into that mix.

Also, will online work like, you control one stick figure? Or a whole bunch?

You will control an entire team. So one match will consist of your team of stick figures versus someone else's team of stick figures. Play will alternate back and forth in turn-based style just like the first.

It thought the original would only be better with a mute button and online play. Just from that screenie I think it'll be 12/10 worthy.

Wow looks crazy. I had played the original on Wii-cade. I didn't know you made it though. It was really great and this one looks like it is going to be better.

Looks so awesome, especially the volcano-ish level.

Oh shit.. I cant wait.

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