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It's nice for a quick laugh but kind of pointless, if would have been better if you re-drew the graphics in flash instead of ripping them though.

Wow, what a smash brothers clone

Haha <3

This game is beautiful, I congratulate you guys for sticking with it and finally pulling it out. Everything drips with polish, and it really is fun to play. Every character has a full set of animations and combos, and there's a lot to unlock. Packed with NG nostalgia too.


A nice demo

What you have here is nice, but it would be much better if you turned it into some kind of game. Like maybe a detective game where you have to find clues, or a timed hunt to find different items.

Nice Job

The effort put into this project really is amazing, from the amount of characters, modes, stages, unlockables, features, and settings available for the player.

Unfortunately... it's really not that fun. You should have spent more time perfecting your engine rather than making sure to duplicate every feature of smash bros. The controls are loose and all you have to do to beat (almost) any of the stages is run back and forth and mash the attack button. Not to mention that you can fly off the screen for no reason at a very small percent.

I'd like to see more from you, but trading out features for better gameplay would be nice.

Good work!

Ace job on this guys, it's great to see all the pieces assembled together =)

Looking back on my pic I wish I would have added some kind of texturing/shading but oh well. Glad to be a part of it!


This really shouldn't have been submitted. I understand wanting feedback on your work in progress, but that's why you post it up on NG MAG or take it to the flash forum for critique. Yes, the code functions, that's nice, but definitely could have waited before submission.

t7bros responds:

Well, all I know is that you've gotta start somewhere and there's a lot worse on the site than what I have submitted. I know that even you have early flashes somewhere and I wonder what they are like.


But Ryan, who did the AWESOME programming??!??!

Oh, I guess it was NegativeONE. Took me a while to find.

Check your email.


This is an absolute stunning mix of so many well-polished skills. Technical flash skill, actionscripting, 3-d modeling, animation, music creation, and game design. Denvish sir I do believe you can do it all. You're a virtual one-man game creation studio.

A fun game that you can jump right in and shoot stuff, or go hardcore and play on crazy mode (haha, didn't quite get to that myself :p) I love the small touches that make this all the better. Your hovering scroll bars, music volume adjust, multiple save files, high scores, the list goes on

Here's hoping this gets to top 50 and stays there for a while, because you earned it =)

Denvish responds:

Thanks Afro, that means a lot coming from you. It's been a culmination of 5 years learning of Flash and other programs, and I'm very happy with the result, and the response it's recieved. I have a feeling that the score is going to steadily drop from here on in, but so long as it stays above 4.30 by tonight, I should have my first top 50'er. Unfortunately I can't hope to compete with your Weekly User's Choice (the competition has been TOUGH this week), but I really have no reason to complain.
Thanks for the review, man, and I'll see you on the BBS.

Amazing teamwork!

This could quite possibly be the most fun, well-balanced, varied, fluidly animated flash platformer I've ever played. The code is pretty much rock solid, which is rarely seen in platformers these days. I look forward to the sequel. Great work!

*Jaw drop*

You are an actionscript God, sir

I've got a lot of work ahead of me...

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