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Wow, I would never have expected you to come out with a game like this. The originality astounds me. No, really. A quiz game about naked females? NO WAY =O


These have been done so much that you really need to step up the quality- get screenshots of the actual windows. make them draggable. Add in other stuff besides just a ton of error messages. Make the icons draggable. Stuff like that :)

It's ok

There weren't really any decisions to make aside from picking up bags... When I fought that guy why couldn't I take his gun? And when wandering around looking for explosives my only choice is to fight (for money for explosives) but I get shot too easily. Did I miss something?

I think you've got a great system going here, you just need to make it less linear and maybe make the fighting system a little more interactive : )


how many people are going to make these lame tutorials? all that info is found in the ng faq or at any flash site. Once this drops off the recent fifty no one will see it and there will be another tomorrow

DJRunaway responds:


Not enough

This would still confuse people new to flash. You didn't explain things very well. The AS wasn't in depth eiter. If someone holds the space bar down it will stay on frame 2.

AlternateAccount responds:

ok... whatever

Good stuff!

Hey, I'm always a fan of anything that requires knowledge of AS! Good job, adding stuff for an upgraded version could be cool too.

Goatchrist responds:

Thanks for the donation dude ;) Yeah, I'm thinking of a part 2...why not? ;)


Absolutely with out a doubt the best flash based game I have ever played. The design is amazing! I don't care if it's hard to pick up stuff. I don't care that I can't beat a single challenge. I don't care that it's difficult. Being a moderate programmer myself I fully understand how much work goes into something like this, more than I could even comprehend. This deserves #1 everything, I'm shocked to see it with such a low score.


It's a nice effort. Yeah, the drawings suck.. just spend time on them, it's not that hard to make detailed drawings. But the game mechanics are fucked up man. I play the first enemy. I attack, he attacks and kills me in one hit. it says "try fireball" I play again. I use a fireball twice, but he still kills me. I closed the window after that....

PuLSeR responds:

you gotta do fireball than cure than fireball than attack.. thats how to win .but its just a shit game

I like it

It's good, except I think you should leave the equip command to outside of battle.. otherwise who is going to choose to not equip the swod?

Good stuff

Well hey, at least I know what to do next time I'm stuck in hell ;)

really though it's a nice game, good programming with the platforms and stuff. It's not alien hominid but damn good

I've got a lot of work ahead of me...

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