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Good stuff

These have definitely improved from when I first saw them. Congrats on making front page!


Pretty poopy.. but I guess if you're only 9 it's understandable. I couldn't do flash at 9..

Or what, you'll fuck my grandma??

That is funny stuff... and it takes a lot to make me laugh. I laughed out loud at some parts. Your parody work is dead on, it reminds of those hotshots movies. The only thing I can dock you on is the graphics, they are uglier than carrie ann moss. Seriously, spend some time on your drawings and animation, and make another for revolutions. I look forward to it :)

I like it

Hey, that was really good, two things though- it appears you could have compressed the audio a bit more because the movie wasn't as long as I'd thought it would be. Also, It would look a lot better if you used actual text instead of scribbling it on.


That was a very high quality movie, and definitely a level above Dante vs. Link. I applaud you :)


I don't know how much more I can take of this... The fact that your movies destroy everything else at Newgrounds with no humor or animation, combined with everyone's obsession with wanting to see a 2-d goth girl naked, just makes me want to vomit.

I guess I can't blame you though, It only has to take about hour to make one of these...

Hey, for your next one, just have Germaine completely naked, and have foamy repeat a few lines. Don't bother with a background, music, sound, or animation period. Make them stand there. Their mouths don't even need to move. You'll probably get a flat 5.00 out of 5.00 and rule NG forever.


Why do these get rated so damn high? I mean, your're a good artist and all but seriously.. This cartoon... it's one scene... there's a background. And three characters consiting of movie clips. A little cat thing pops around and says stuff that isn't really funny. And yet this dominates the top percent of the portal submissions.



I really did like the story, and the music.

I hate to be harsh, but the graphics were horrid. Stop using the radial gradient so much, and at least go for some symmetry.

And shoot-outs only seemed to consist of a flashing screen and a cut to an odd shaped hole in the head.

If you continue the series and work on the presentation you could have something good here :)


This sucked fucking shit my friend. Not only was it horribly animated with web images, it makes fun of such a great TV personality. I never give all zeros but I hope this gets taken off the front page from it's poor taste and shoddy work.

Good. but...

The graphics were absolutely amazing, as well as the sound and flow of the movie.. but I just didn't find it funny in the least!

I've got a lot of work ahead of me...

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